Bowser Junior

Bowser Bernard Junior, known simply as Bowser Junior, or simply Junior,, is a main character in SuperMarioLogan. He is the most common character in the series. He is the secondary dueteragonist of the series but he is the main protagonist of the Bowser Jr Side Videos, and he is the unbeloved son of Bowser, but is usually parented by Chef Pee Pee. His best friends are Joseph and Cody, and they hang out with each other pretty much all the time. In his first appearance, Baby Mutant Turtles, he is the main antagonist. He also serves as the main protagonist of the school franchise.


The Clown Car was a present given to Bowser before his father left for war. Bowser kept the Clown Car in a storage box until years later, when he decided to search through it. Bowser Junior saw the Clown Car and wanted to use it, but Bowser denied his request. When Bowser was away, with the help of Cody and Joseph, Bowser Junior managed to steal it and fly in it. He then shot a cannon ball on the glass table, eventually leading his father to send him to military school. After military school, Joseph gave Bowser Junior the Clown Car to break the glass table once again to revert him back to his original personality.

Alter Ego

Junior (Playtime series)

Junior is the alter ego of Bowser Junior who debuted in Bowser Junior’s Playtime. He is an alcoholic who got arrested two times for DUI. He is the Grandfather of Phoebe Father in Law of Ken Father of Sally and Ex husband of Joseph. He is stressed of his jobs got fired from two of them, forgot his anniversary, got fired from his Job Interview, and hates Sally being pregnant. He loves beer, constantly cheats on his wife with Miranda, and drinks and drive.


Bowser Junior’s personality is extremely variant, and over time has had numerous different sides to him. Over his 4 years of appearing, he has been stupid, manipulative, energetic, immature, naughty, troublesome, selfish, demanding, whiny, bothersome, retarded, semi-racist, and not very smart. He bothers and annoys everyone around the house, especially Chef Pee Pee, and always causes a disruption that usually leads to Bowser yelling at Chef Pee Pee for it. Whenever he asks for something, he usually asks Chef Pee Pee for it. On many occasions, he asks for something very stupid such as in Bowser Junior’s Midnight Snack when he asks Chef Pee Pee to buy him a snack at the gas station even though there is a mountain of snacks to eat at the house. He is also a somewhat picky eater as shown in many episodes. He is also a spoiled brat because in Bowser Junior’s Summer Vacation, he demanded Chef Pee Pee to buy him all the trains but he only got two from the store. Junior loves his Thomas toy a lot, so he gets very sad if he loses it as shown in Bowser Junior Loses Thomas, like his dad did with Charleyyy in Bowser’s Depression. Much to his loud crying, which annoys Bowser, Bowser beats him up. He also gets rabies and starts acting weird in Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!. When the squirrel bit him, he turned into a wild animal and was foaming at the mouth. Chef Pee Pee gave him a pill and that made Junior feel better and then he bit him. At the end of the video, Bowser Junior said that “Chef Pee Pee was having “babies” himself.

One of the most notable things about Junior is how he has changed over time. In his first appearances in 2013-14 when he was only 5 years old, Junior was a spoiled brat who portrayed a general child that age. Over the next few years, Junior started to become smarter, but still was stupid sometimes when he was with Joseph and Cody. Since Bowser Junior has turned 8, he has been quite a bit more mature. One notable video with this was “The Baby Project” where Junior was strongly encouraged to do as good as possible and fighting the retartedness of Jeffy. It is a very unique aspect how Junior is growing over time.

It’s pretty apparent that Junior has some serious mental instability (or it is typical for a child his age), if anything happens that may affect him badly, or something doesn’t go his way, he will react in very unhinged and insane episodes. As seen in Bowser Junior’s Punishment! Junior was placed in the corner for 5 minutes and he was acting all weird, and in Bowser Junior Loses Thomas! he lost Thomas and was sad all day. In Bowser Junior Needs Glasses! Junior wore glasses and his friends mad fun of him so he read a medical book and got smarter and thinks he’s smarter than everyone. In Bowser Junior’s Flu Shot! Junior was scarred after he got his flu shot and was on a wheelchair and wore a cast on his leg where he got his flu shot and claims to have been “shot” by the Brooklyn guy. And in Bowser Junior’s Cookies! He left a sticky note which had cookies written on the fridge and was hoping for Chef Pee Pee to get him cookies but Chef Pee Pee said that he didn’t see it and Junior kept repeating he didn’t see it and placed sticky notes all over the house and the car.

On rare occasions, he is found to be pracially rejudice to black people. This is evident in Black Yoshi’s Job (Black Yoshi is asked to babysit Junior while Bowser and Chef Pee Pee go to the hospital) when Junior is surprised to see Black Yoshi walk up to him while he is playing with his dinosaurs. Junior cries, “Oh my god! Black Guy! Don’t take my money! Protect me, dinosaurs!” Black Yoshi then asks, “Why is everyone in this house racist?” There is another occasion in Bowser Junior’s 6th Birthday after he opens the door to let Cody and his family inside, not expecting Cody to have a black step-father.

Junior is also known for sharing false stories. For example, in Bowser Junior’s Flu Shot!, He explains to Joseph and Cody that a guy came in with a gun, shot Bowser and Chef Pee Pee, and getting shot in the knee. Also, in No Crust!, he explains to the Brooklyn Guy that Chef Pee Pee used a chainsaw to “kill” his sandwich, in reality, all he did was cut the crust. In Chef Pee Pee The Octopus!, he falsely said Chef Pee Pee wants to be an octopus.

He makes extremely poor choices like trying to pet a rabid squirrel and trying to throw water bombs in the house and lacks common sense which leads to him being half dumb.

He is also addicted to Doofy The Dragon, similar to his Dad’s TV addiction to Charleyyy and Friends, though to a much lesser extent.

However, despite all of this, even Junior is capable of genuine kindness. The shining example of this is when he felt bad for Chef Pee Pee’s suffering on his birthday, and as an apology, threw a surprise birthday party for him, with Joseph and Cody’s help. He even apologizes for treating Chef Peepee badly for the entire time they’ve known each other (although, thanks to the new status quo, this is rendered redundant via negative continuity).

Despite being a generally dumb character, he has shown to act smart on some occasions such as Bowser Junior’s 1st Grade! Part 5 where he states that blue stars are hotter than red stars, in Cool Cody! where Bowser Junior figures out how to change Cody back to normal, in Bowser Junior’s Bad Luck! he states that superstitions are not real and that all the bad luck he was getting were coincidences, in Bowser Junior’s Piggy Bank! he knows how to stop his dad from getting arrested without getting himself in trouble and in Broken where he has the idea to put the one-piece tuxedo on Ken and give it to Cody so he stops crying. Along with Joseph, Bowser Junior keeps trying to prove to Cody that Ken is a doll and that the Sun is a planet (although he no longer argue this after Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun!).

He doesn’t act much bratty anymore, as he improved from military school. He’s also simply grown up in the past few years, as he was just 4 in his first modern appearance, but 9 now.

Character Information

Date of Birth:

September 28th,2008 (age: 9)
(Age: 14 The Remote!)


Bowser Bernard Junior (full name)
Junior (everyone)
Bowser Jr.
Little Brat
Son (Bowser)
Gremlin (Chef Pee Pee)
Little Twoshoes
Lanky Lanky
Little Donkey (Shrek)
Lanky McSkinnyass
Dumb-shit (Jackie Chu)
Papi (Junior Junior)
Little Retard (Bowser)
Buff (Toad)
Savage (Joseph)Stupid Brat (Chef Pee Pee)
Red Hair Ginger Fuck (Chef Pee Pee)(Bowser’s Depression)
Mr I’m So Sick (Bowser)
Sexy bastard (Chef Pee Pee)
Stupid Spider-Man (Chef Pee Pee)
Lanky Spider-Man (Brooklyn T. Guy)
Maggot (Brooklyn T. Guy)

Playing with Trains and Dinosaurs
Being a spoiled brat (Formerly)
Making messes
Bothering Chef Pee Pee (Formerly)
Catching Pokémon.

First appearance:

Baby Mutant Turtles (MLSDA formerly)

Bowser (father)
Peach (mother)
Mario (ex-father)
Sheila Perkins (semi-canon mother)
Bowser’s Father (Grandfather)
Margaret (grandmother)
Jeffy (adopted brother)
Wendy (sister)
Ludwig (biological brother)
Iggy (biological brother)
Roy (biological brother)
Larry (biological brother)
Morton (biological brother)
Lemmy (biological brother)
Junior Junior (biological son)
Pixie Goblin (biological brother)
Chompy (pet)

Portrayed by:

Logan Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton (Switching Bodies!)
Lance Thirtyacre (1 2 Switch Bodies!) Sound effect (Life Is Ruff!)

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