Cody Nutkiss is a young homosexual and perverted Magikoopa who is a friend of Bowser Junior and Joseph. He first appeared in the Bowser Junior’s Summer School series as a sick, socially awkward, nerdy child, but he has since became a main character since then, and has become more mature, logical, and an unashamed, raging homosexual. He is the only character introduced in the Summer School series to appear outside of the series. He is mostly known for his weird, perverted personality, but is sometimes very smart.


Cody is portrayed as a stereotypical nerd who has a bunch of medical disorders, though it has never been specified exactly what they are. He has type one diabetes and takes pills to manage his blood sugar. Cody appears to be really smart, as he has actually built many different high-tech inventions even though he is only 8 years old. His medical disorders are the reason why he’s gay and homosexual and it makes him can’t help date and rape dolls. But Cody hates doing bad things like raping real people. Cody is not a pedophile. He has an IQ of 169. He only came to summer school not because he failed, but because he wants to learn more. But he uses his gifted intelligence to mostly pick up guys. Unlike Bowser Junior and Joseph, Cody has common sense and is the smartest of them, but they don’t listen to him and just make fun of him, no matter how right Cody may be. Nowadays, he’s become the voice of reason and him being gay is used on occasion.

After the Summer School series, he is usually seen with a Ken doll sitting on his shoulders. He is also highly perverted as he constantly talks about hunky dudes and makes out his Ken doll. He started a lemonade stand so he could get a penis enlargement and Photoshop pictures of hunky men and put his face on them. He also “thinks” his doll is real and often says perverted things to Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Toad and drew a picture of himself as a hunky fireman with a boner in his pants. He is also seven months older than Junior and Joseph, and was born on February 29th, though due to being born on a Leap Day, Junior and Joseph believe he is two years old.

Aside from being intelligent, Cody is also highly perverted. He constantly references sexual matters and in Bowser Junior’s Package!, Cody even posts a status update on his Facebook with “cum


Character Information

Date of Birth:

February 29, 2008 (10 Years Old)
Leap Years Age (2 Years Old)


Cody Kins (Judy)
Sally (Bowser Junior’s Playtime series)
Cody GayMan Nutkiss
Nerd Boy (Junior)
Four Eyes (Junior and Joseph)
Extension Eyes
Hunky God (Cody’s Revenge)
Blizzard Snake (Cool Cody)
Little Baby (Judy)
Cody Buttkiss (Brooklyn T. Guy)
Scaredy Cat (Junior)
Hunkymonkey69 (Xbox Live and Uber screen name)
Loser (Tanner)
Faggot (Joseph), (Chef Pee Pee)
Lil’ Nigga (Tyrone)
Archibald P. Chapman
Body (Junior)
Loser Woozer (Cody’s Mom) (Cody’s Dad) (Himself)
Kenzzie (As A Girl)


Hanging out with Junior & Joseph
Being gay
Having Sex With Ken

Kamek (father)
Tyrone (stepfather)
Judy (mother)
Katy (twin sister)
Ken (husband, at least in the Bowser Junior’s Playtime series)
Chaz (biological son)
Blizzard (pet)
Phoebe (Daughter in Bowser Junior’s Playtime 4 and Bowser Junior’s Playtime 5
Portrayed by:

Chris Netherton (currently)
Lovell Stanton (1 2 Switch Bodies!)
Lance Thirtyacre (The Bake Sale!)

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