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Logan Austin Thirtyacre, more simply referred to as Logan, is the creator of the SuperMarioLogan channel and franchise, and is also a voice actor in his YouTube videos. He makes these videos with his best friends and fellow colleagues; Lance Thirtyacre, Lovell Stanton, Pablo Sanchez, Chilly Jimenez, Elaina Keyes, and Tito Jimenez.

Puppet version

Logan is a puppet who appeared in Bowser Junior’s 1st Grade!. He only made a minor appearance in Bowser Junior’s 1st Grade! Part 4 saying when he grows up, he wants to make YouTube videos, but Jackie Chu fails him.

In The Secret Door!, the puppet was used as a victim to Does Bad Things Guy’s secret room massacre so the puppet may not be used again. This is an alternate puppet version of Logan Thirtyacre, owner of SuperMarioLogan, who has since died in The Secret Door! and been replaced with the real Logan Thirtyacre in his videos ever since.


Logan Thirtyacre was born in Pensacola, Florida, on November 17, 1994. He got inspiration to do Mario plush videos after watching FroggyCompany’s Mario plush videos back in 2007. He created his first YouTube channel in 2007 at the age of 12, which was called supermariologan1994, but he deleted it shortly afterwards because the account’s name had his birth year, and he didn’t want to post personal information on the internet (Though, now most of his personal information is known).


Logan used to live with his parents, which was where the videos took place. However, he decided to move forward in his life, and moved into an apartment. He made videos there, before finding a permanent home. He moved into a new house and began filming there in October 2016. Since then, his girlfriend Chilly has moved in with him, along with her two brothers, Tito and JJ Jimenez.


Logan is a Christian, however, he admitted that he is not a very uptight one, which is why he throws in some adult themes and jokes into his videos. In a Chilly vlog, Logan prayed for a homeless man while he was in Nashville, TN.


Logan has suffered many health problems over the years, this including having recent unexpected surgeries (like a gallbladder removal and kidney stones especially superior mesenteric artery syndrome, West Nile Virus and Spinal Meningitis), being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel syndrome, and having a dark and troubled past. To this day, he still gets sick when he eats, and can’t sleep or lay down if he just ate. He also really hates eating at restaurants, because the food always makes him sick there (yet he still orders food). But despite his past of hail and hardships, that doesn’t stop him from being the cool internet whiz that he is today.

It was revealed in a recent vlog from Chilly that Logan gave up on soda, and started drinking only water and Gatorade. He stated that he feels so much better without soda, and he doesn’t have as much anxiety and stress as he used to have when he drank soda all the time. This is a major improvement in Logan’s health, and we wish the best for him.

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