Tito Come Outside “MUSIC VIDEO” By SML

Tito Come Outside “MUSIC VIDEO” By SML Chilly Published on May 29, 2017 BUY THIS ON ITUNES!!! https://itun.es/us/J6xqkb IT IS ALSO ON GOOGLE PLAY AND SPOTIFY! https://play.google.com/store/music/a… Lyrics Yoooo, has anybody seen my boy Titooooo. He needs to come outside right now so so so Tito come outside x4 Tito come outside x3 we got […]

Jeffy – Why “Music Video”

Jeffy – Why “Music Video” (Opening) Why? Why? Why? (Verse 1:) Hey Daddy, I smack these hoes! I stuck my peepee in some Cheerios! I got a pencil in my nose! And I beat my diaper everywhere I go! Like to hop-hop like a bunny! Poop my pants, and now it’s runny! I go Uh […]

Toad – Milk and Cookies

Toad – Milk and Cookies Toad – Milk and Cookies Toad is back at it again, spitting hot and catchy rhymes with his partner Ray Cheesy! This is toad’s 3rd studio hit single! SHould toad sell a album on itunes for real? Would you by it? Post a comment below!

SuperMarioLogan Theme Song Original Version ft. DeStorm

SuperMarioLogan Theme Song “Original Version” ft. DeStorm SuperMarioLoganRap (lyrics) SML save princess peach, SML save princess peach, With a little help from Mario and Luigi, Were gonna step-on Bowser, Call-up Toad, Capture flags and collect the gold, If you want Youtube and Nintendo, Then thats the SuperMarioLogan Show! (Lets Go) SuperMarioLogan Show! (its the what?) […]